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Hello there! Welcome to Diapers&Dumbbells! I am so excited to share my wonderful crazy life with you!

First, a little introduction… I am Heather! I am a 27-year-old Mathematician, wife, mom, and fitness lover. I am also a body positivity advocate and want to share my journey to self-love with you all. I have thought long and hard about what my first post would be. I was so excited to start this blog because I have so many thoughts, so many things that need to be shared. So where the start? What better place than the beginning?

When I was a little girl, small & innocent, I had no worries and no confidence issues. But then I got older and started gaining a little weight. Now, it wasn’t that much and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it today if it weren’t for one person, one statement, in front of one large group of people. This person is very dear to me and never meant me any harm, she didn’t know any better as that was how she was taught. But, that doesn’t stop the fact that on my brother’s birthday, (maybe in 2001?) I think I was 10 or 11, in front of all these people (included my brothers friends) this person said “Do you really think you should be eating that potato chip?”. Sounds dumb right? Well not to a girl my age… needless to say, I started questioning my changing body, questioning food, questioning my choices. Before I knew it that confident little girl was in a downward spiral of self loathing. I try not to use the word hate because of the strength that word carries; but I HATED my body… there for I HATED me. At that point everything that made me uniquely beautiful fell crashing to the ground and there was nothing my mom or anyone could do about it. This went on and on and on for sooo many years and I accepted my fate that nobody would ever want to love me or my body.

Now imagine my shock when I left my life in NJ to work and live in VA and met the most amazing person I will ever have the honor of knowing and loving. I would not be where I am today without that man. He saw ME, he accepted ME, he loved (and loves) ME. How? Why? What did I do to deserve him… I mean, look at me? So I did… for the very first time I got up, walked to a mirror, and I looked… REALLY looked. I saw a woman deserving of love and happiness. Deserving of self-love and strength! So I asked myself what could I do to help myself learn to love me? My husband loves me so how will I ever understand that until I love me too? I got a personal trainer the very next day (love you Haley!). The gym asked me what my goal was. They expected to see me write lose weight or be skinny, that’s great and all but to their surprise I wrote self-love, health, and happiness. I think from that moment on they knew I was a winner haha. Well, I lost 50 pounds and gained a ton of muscle, but most importantly I loved myself. I woke up and told that woman she was beautiful every day.

Fast forward to now as there is so much to talk about in between that I need to save some for later. Here I am with roughly 35 pounds back on, a beautiful baby girl, and still practicing self-love! I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t have my days because everyone does. But that is what blossomed into Diapers&Dumbbells, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you the roller coaster that is my life!

My greatest hope is to inspire you, support you, laugh with you, and sympathize with you. If there is ever a topic you want my take on please feel free to ask and I will gladly discuss it! Life is not easy, but it is absolutely wondrous and beautiful. We are all in this together and we need to build one another up! I also plan to share my relationship with nutrition, weight lifting, mommyhood, and some things that make me happy as well! (Got to keep it fun)

I will also add, this is a cruelty and negativity free zone… please no unkind remarks. This is a very vulnerable thing for me to do and I always expect some people to be harsh but it is not welcome here. And please remember that I am a Mathematician not a writer or English major so don’t grade my paper 😉


Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me and I hope to build a nice community where we can spread a little kindness and support!


Heather K Beaudin

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